it’s been a rough couple of days

sleep. wake. eat. sleep. watch a movie. sleep. repeat.

this has been my routine for the past few days

if there’s anything i’ve learnt over the past week

it’s how meaningless my life is and how worthless i am

but somehow this has given me comfort and peace

life is meaningless, so we find our own meaning.

whether in goals, friends or family; expectations breed disappointment so i stop expecting.

in truth it is liberating to know that for the first time in my life, i’ve realised that i’m living my life for myself and that no one really gives a damn (not even the people who i considered to be my closest friends).

so now here i am… writing my very first post on this blog

for myself and for anyone else out there who might stumble across it needing some sort of comfort in knowing that they are not alone.

not when it comes to mental health issues or money problems or really just any problem at all. i trust in you stranger. to get through whatever it is you’re dealing with. and hopefully i have a little faith and belief in myself as well. to live my life. for myself.

just a doomer hoping to become a bloomer